We are enabling OOBA (Out Of Band Authentication) for added security to your digital banking account/app! OOBA will verify your identity by phone, text or push-app when a new payee is added to your account. As of March 3rd, you will notice a one-time prompt to set up OOBA. Follow the link below for step-by step instructions. For OOBA set up procedures, please click here




Personal Products

Your Personal Banking needs are extremely important to you and your life. From saving for retirement, buying a new car, or paying your bills online—we understand that your money matters to you. With a full range of products and services, you can count on us to take care of your personal banking needs.

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Business Products

Your Business Banking needs are extremely important to you and your business' future. From checking to remote deposit, you can count on James Polk Stone Community Bank to make sure all your business money matters run smoothly.

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Lending Products

The JP Stone Community Bank offers a wide variety of lending products to meet your financial needs. Our experienced loan officers are ready to help you with everything from a small personal loan or buying your first home. Ready to start that small business? Come in and see how we can help!

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Blogging with Bradfute

Join JP Stone Community Bank's very own CIO and Senior VP, Richard Bradfute. He will take you on an exciting journey through life and technology in Blogging with Bradfute!

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